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Grandpa's Pawn & Gun

At Grandpa’s we help finance work capital. We help people when money is tight to get them through. Stop by and check us out.

We have over 3,500 people per week shop our store at 104 9th Avenue. Antiques, guns, gun transfers, collectibles, jewelry, tools, coins, loans, gold, silver, sporting goods, and much much more. 

We are a shop that loans money for collateral. We offer the LOWEST LOAN rates in northern Colorado, for loans $300 and higher. We are the only pawnshop in Longmont that has a 3 tier pricing system for loans. For example, we charge:
20% for loans valued at $1.00 - $149.99
15% for loans valued at $150.00 - $299.99
10% for loans valued at $300.00 & up

All of our loans are for a 30 day term. In other words, they are renewable for 30 days at a time, if interest is paid promptly. Our grace period is 10 days, and interest is charged at a daily rate during the grace period. We will not put your item out for sale until the grace period expires. Unlike other pawn shops, we do not charge a late fee, during the grace period. As required by state law, we do fingerprint anyone getting a loan or selling us an item.

Pawn Loans

Who can pick up my loan? We will check your photo I.D. when you redeem your loan. No one else will be allowed to redeem your loan, unless you give us written authorization. All loans must be paid for by cash. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you have a firearms on loan, you will need to pass a Federal background check before redeeming the loan.


We are one of the largest gun dealers in Colorado, dealing in new and used firearms. According to the B.A.T.F. we are the 2nd highest volume gun dealer in the state of Colorado. We loan on and sell all types of firearms: pistols, rifles, shotguns, collectible and antique as well as black powder, ammunition, gun scopes and accessories, and gun safes. According to Federal laws, a Federal Background check is required to purchase a firearm.

What are the rules for buying guns? In the state of Colorado, you must be 18 years of age or older, and pass a Federal Background check, to purchase a rifle or shotgun. You must bring with you your state driver’s license, or state identification card, bearing your current address.

To purchase a handgun, you must be 21 years or older, with a Colorado driver’s license, or Colorado Identification Card reflecting your current address, and pass the Federal Background Check.

Can you order NEW guns or ammunition? Yes, as a licensed FFL dealer, we can order quite a variety of new guns, and various calibers of ammunition. Please call ahead of time for price and availability. We consult with over 20 distributors.